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Sep 23rd 2015

Personal H2S Monitors For Less

If your company needs to supply personal hydrogen sulfide monitors to its employees, now is a great time to stock up on BW Honeywell Single Gas H2S detectors. BW Honeywell is the leader in lightweight, reliable H2S detection so finding a GasAlert Clip Extreme H2S Monitor on sale is like finding $20 on the ground. If you have lots of employees, it's like finding thousands of dollars just lyin … read more
Jul 31st 2015

Do I Need a Diffusion or Pump-Style Gas Monitor for My Job?

Deciding which type of gas monitor is right for you is simple if you know what you need the monitor to do. The difference between the two main styles of monitors comes down to the way they sample the air. At we carry both types. Single gas monitors like the MSA ALTAIR Single-Gas H2S Detector are something you strap to your belt or the front of your shirt and wear with you … read more
Jan 29th 2009

Welcome to the PK Safety Blog

Hi. This is Rick Pedley, President of PK Safety Supply. Our blog is a way to share our knowledge of work safety issues as well as some of the responses we give to customers on questions about the products they use.  Hopefully you will find something of interest. Feel free to comment! I have been in the business of selling safety products for over 30 years.  Safety is our only business, and … read more