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Apr 25th 2012

Common Air Contaminants In Your Home

While many people will wear sunscreen to protect themselves from the sun, not many folks wear respirators around the house to protect themselves from the formaldehyde found in so many household products. Sure, we are a safety company and we'd love to see a respirator on every face and in every home. But in this case, you might be better protected with information. For instance, did … read more
Jan 25th 2012

The Dangers of Formaldehyde Exposure for Workers

Chances are all of us have some level of exposure to formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is inexpensive to produce and has a wide range of uses from building materials such as paint or the glue used to bind plywood, particle board and paneling to the Brazilian Blowout, a hair-straitening product found to contain startlingly high concentrations of this dangerous compound. For those who wo … read more
Dec 27th 2010

RAE Systems Gas Detection Tubes - How to Use Them

I recently got some questions regarding RAE Systems Gas Detection Tubes and I wanted to clarify their use. First, what are they? Gas detection tubes offer a quick way to determine the presence or concentration of specific chemicals in air. This is well established technology, and has been offered by a few manufacturers for many years. The theory is that specific reagents change color a … read more