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Oct 3rd 2014

What is Industrial Confined Space Rescue?

Anyone regularly working in confined spaces knows they can be dangerous; yet confined space work is crucial to a wide variety of industries. When work is being performed in confined spaces, rescue plans must be in place in the event of an accident. Petrochemical sites such as oil rigs, refineries and drug manufacturers need regular site inspection and maintenance; wastewater treatment plants, o … read more
Sep 26th 2014

Fall Protection in Confined Spaces

In permit required confined spaces, workers are routinely entering areas which were not made with peoples’ comfort or safety in mind. They often have irregular entrances, tight spaces, and dangerous drops. Fall protection for confined space workers has been dramatically improving over the years, but even trained personnel don’t always know the correct configuration of equipment for each work si … read more
Sep 19th 2014

Confined Space Entry – What to Take When You Go

There are some tools and equipment that anyone performing confined space entry must have to ensure the safety of their workers. Whether your company has determined that confined space procedures need to be developed for your on-site hazards, or if you are a contractor performing a one-time job, equipment such as a gas detector, ventilation fan, harness, tripod and winch will be essential for yo … read more