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Jun 11th 2012

Why Some Safety Companies are Going PVC-Free

We are seeing a trend in the safety industry away from our old friend PVC. Polyvinyl chloride is the third most widely used plastic product in the world. And for good reason. It's tough, inexpensive, and very easy to manipulate. The pipes made from PVC have revolutionized plumbing, and it's used in everything from shower curtains to safety gloves. The down-side to PVC is it's not t … read more
May 29th 2012

How to Choose the Right Size Respirator

One of the most frequent questions about the respirators we carry at is what size to buy. All our respirators come in small, medium or large, and most first-time buyers have no idea which is best for them. A proper fit is just about the most important consideration for a respirator, especially when pesticides, lead, or other harmful substances are in the air. Unfort … read more
Dec 7th 2011

Respiratory Basics: N95 vs P100

Leonardo da Vinci did more than paint just the Mona Lisa. He was also a safety pioneer! Seeing some of his fellow artists coughing while chiseling and sanding marble, he had the idea that a piece of cloth dipped in water and stretched over the nose and mouth could make the job safer. He was onto something. Safety masks have become a job site necessity for many different professions and hobbies. … read more