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Nov 6th 2013

The Right HazMat Coveralls For The Type of Work You Do

With so many hazards and so many types of coverall protection, it's difficult to know what's right for they type of work you do. Here are our suggestions for protective clothing for the most common workplace hazards. I'm a big believer in the old grease monkey coveralls. I wear them when I'm working on my car or doing other non-toxic jobs. But once you move from sweeping up dust or … read more
Tyvek Coverall Suits by DuPont
Nov 2nd 2010

Tyvek Coverall Suits by DuPont

In the weeks leading up to Halloween, we received lots of orders for DuPont 1414 Tyvek Coverall Suits. These make great costumes for everything from space explorers to hazmat clean up crews. Over the years we have seen some really creative uses! With all of these orders have come many questions about sizing. This size chart is fairly straightforward, just find your height and you … read more