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May 8th 2015

Confined Space Communication Must Be 100% Effective

For effective communication, a message must be sent, received and understood. Sounds simple enough, but when working in a confined space with noise, machinery, and respiratory protective equipment in place, communication can be a challenge. Confined spaces can also create an echo that interferes with clear communication. If there is an emergency situation, you can add anxiety and l … read more
Apr 24th 2015

Why You Should Add Wristlets to Your Rescue Kit

Wristlets are deployed when there is no other way to get a rescuer or victim out of a confined space. Most often this is because the entry is too narrow or restricted to allow retrieval with a regular harness and a D-ring attachment. Wristlets must be used carefully because they can put so much strain on a persons joints and muscles. This can be painful and may cause injury, but … read more
Dec 19th 2014

Safety in Manholes

Everyone knows a few things that make manholes dangerous: alligators, phantom of the opera, and C.H.U.D.s, to name a few. You’re on your own when it comes to those things, but I can offer advice on other hazardous stuff that can happen in and around a manhole. Thankfully, the right preparation can guarantee safety within this confined space. It is necessary to have a certificate that vali … read more