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Oct 22nd 2012

Skylotec Offers Technologically Advanced Rope Access Equipment

Skylotec is a company whose products you will soon see on the pages of PK Safety. Becoming known world-wide, Skylotec produces work and sport climbing equipment of the very highest quality. Their climbing gear is well-known among serious climbers and at height workers in Europe. Their harnesses, ropes, carabiners, descenders, and anchoring devices are innovative and compliant with OSHA and A … read more
Oct 17th 2012

Petzl Rope Access and Confined Space Entry Products on Sale!

Petzl has been in business making climbing and rope access gear for over 65 years. The equipment they make is rock-solid, long-lasting, and easy to use. You know it's going to stand up to hard use on the job site or during a rescue. What you might not know is that from now until October 28th 2012 all Petzl products are 20% off at The sale includes items like the fa … read more
Sep 19th 2012

How Do I Know if My Calibration Gas is OK to Use?

There are about 20 good reasons you need to make sure you have current calibration gas for use when calibrating and bump testing your gas monitor. But for the purposes of this post, we'll stick to the top two or three. Knowing the expiration of your calibration gas supply is more important than checking that gallon of milk that has been in your refrigerator for the past coupl … read more
Sep 4th 2012

Starting a New Confined Space Entry Program

What happens when your small business grows, and you find yourself having to contend for the first time with confined space issues? There is quite a bit to do, and every aspect has a specific reason for being. Here is a basic primer for working in confined spaces for those who have not had these important responsibilities before. First, conduct an assessment of the on-site hazards. … read more
Feb 22nd 2012

The Benefits of the Advanced 5-Piece Hoist System from DBI-SALA

If you use a hoist for confined space entry on a regular basis, the DBI-SALA 8518000 Advanced 5-Piece Hoist System, though more expensive, is so far superior to a standard tripod they are hardly in the same category. The Advanced 5-Piece Hoist System is designed to make entry and exit of confined spaces quick and reliable.  This system is lightweight, modular, and can be ad … read more
Jan 4th 2012

Confined Spaces in the Wine Industry: What You Need to Know

The US wine making industry has grown tremendously over the past 20 years. Professionals and hobbyists alike ferment great quantities of pressed grapes to produce the ancient ambrosia. However, not all parts of the wine making process bring joy. There is a serious side to viticulture where cleaning equipment, tanks, vats and other confined spaces may hide potentially lethal dangers for those wh … read more
Nov 16th 2011

A Confined Space Ventilation Primer

Confined spaces can be a pain to ventilate, and every location you work in will be a little different. As a result, it can be difficult to find your bearings when you're first starting out. We're well aware of this, so we've put together this basic guide to help you complete your first ventilation jobs safely. 1. What are we up against? Start every job this way: Assess the safety of your … read more