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Jun 26th 2013

Why Your Wineries' Gas Monitors Might Not Work

Harvest in the wine country is the peak of activity in the winemaking cycle. It's Go Time - The playoffs of the wine growing season. Preparing for the avalanche of grapes means everything in the winery must be tested, sanitized, and ready. Lab equipment for checking sugar, pH, and total acidity must be made ready, barrels need to be prepped, presses cleaned, and sorting tables sorted. It's also … read more
Dec 27th 2010

RAE Systems Gas Detection Tubes - How to Use Them

I recently got some questions regarding RAE Systems Gas Detection Tubes and I wanted to clarify their use. First, what are they? Gas detection tubes offer a quick way to determine the presence or concentration of specific chemicals in air. This is well established technology, and has been offered by a few manufacturers for many years. The theory is that specific reagents change color a … read more