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Apr 13th 2011

Urban Exploration Safety Equipment

Our customers encounter all sorts of things while out working, exploring, and home improving. Here is a recent question I recently got demonstrating just that: I am excited to start a program called Urban Exploration. This group explores all sorts of places, like abandoned buildings or underground spaces. In doing this I will be exposed to a number to harmful substances like dust, asbesto … read more
Oct 7th 2010

Filters and Lead Fumes

I recently got a question about what type of filters should be used for a very interesting project. Although few of my readers will probably have the same exact application, the concept is still the same. Let's take a look: I am member of a pistol shooting club and I melt my own lead from wheel weights, cast my own bullets and shoot the heck out of the lead semi wadcutters that I make. Ha … read more