Safety Stand-Down & Construction Safety Week 2022

Safety Stand-Down & Construction Safety Week 2022

When entering a construction site, a top goal should be returning home safely. Construction Safety Week, from May 2-6, 2022, is focused on ways to do so for those in the construction industry. 

In addition to making sure workers are properly trained and equipped with the right construction safety PPE and workwear, like hard hats and eye protection, Construction Safety Week prioritizes safety by connecting and supporting workers through resources including videos, toolbox talks, and at-home family activities.

This same week, OSHA hosts the National Safety Stand-Down event to raise awareness specifically on fall hazards in construction.

Of all the hazards that affect workers in the construction industry, falls from elevation are a leading cause of death and injury. Of the construction fatalities that happened in the year 2020 (according to BLS data), 251 out of 1,008 were falls from elevation. These fatalities and injuries can be prevented with the right equipment and training.

Safety Stand-Downs

A safety stand-down is a voluntary event for employers to discuss safety with their employees. Specifically, they talk directly to them about fall hazards and other work safety issues. This doesn't have to be as formal as a training seminar: anyone and any workplace can hold a stand-down on a break where fall hazards are discussed, and the importance of fall prevention stressed. Even if you're not in the construction industry, your company is at risk of other work safety hazards that aren't fall-related, or you’re a small company, you can use the event to talk about other job hazards, protection, and your safety policies and goals as an organization.

For managers, executives, and other leadership, don't forget to listen when you host these events! Engage in a dialogue with your employees. Don't just lecture them about safety — allow them to talk to you about the hazards they see at work every day.

Managers should plan a sit-down that works best with their workplace and schedule. OSHA provides tips on how to prepare a successful event and highlights from previous years' events for inspiration.

Materials and Promotions

OSHA has a page dedicated to Safety Stand-Down events that are free and open to the public. If you're interested in hosting an event, and it will be free and open to the public, you can also submit your event or contact your Regional Stand-Down Coordinator for more information. You can also share your story using the social media hashtag #StandDown4Safety.

OSHA has also partnered with NIOSH, NORA, OSHA-approved State Plans, State consultation programs, CPWR, ASSP, the National Safety Council, NCSE, the U.S. Air Force, and OTI Education Centers for programming efforts. Between those organizations, you should be able to find all of the educational materials you need to make your Safety Stand-Down event a success.

Toolbox Talk

Now to talk about some of the fall protection gear that we love. At PK Safety, we only sell those products that we vet and would trust to keep us safe on the job. FrenchCreek is a brand we would keep in our toolboxes for our fall protection needs.

We're happy to recommend the FrenchCreek 800 Series Harness with Hip and Shoulder Rings from among our harnesses and accessories. It’s durable, comfortable, highly adjustable, and meets or exceeds all OSHA requirements.

If self-retracting lifelines and personal fall limiters are what you’re looking for, the FrenchCreek Rogue Dual Leg Rebar Hook SRL offers protection without taking up the fall arrest D-ring on the harness.

In the market for rescue and descent systems? You’ll need a tripod rescue unit and winch, and FrenchCreek has a 9’ 3-Way Unit kit that’s perfect for the job. The entire kit—tripod, wire rope, and 3-way rescue unit—meets the applicable ANSI and OSHA standards while offering a safe, reliable way to get out of a bad fall situation.

FrenchCreek is also hosting free webinar classes for Safety Stand-Down Week. They cover topics like fall protection 101, ladder safety systems, and confined space systems. Spots are still available!

Do you have questions about construction safety PPE, fall prevention equipment, or other workplace safety concerns? One of our safety experts can help you out! We can be reached online or by calling 800.829.9580. 

Apr 27th 2022 PK Safety Team

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