Safety Boots Do Super Job of Keeping Workers Dry, Warm

Safety Boots Do Super Job of Keeping Workers Dry, Warm

We may be going a little overboard with this photo for our safety boots. If this was a television commercial there would probably be warnings about not trying to jump through a concrete wall and fly. If you think these industrial boots will allow you to do this, you may be disappointed.

However, if you're looking for something that will keep the muck out of your boots, or let you work comfortably while sloshing through mud or water, the Onguard PVC boots are a great choice. They can provide excellent resistance to acids and caustics (not so good against solvents - if you are sloshing through a flood of solvents, you have other concerns) and they are 100% waterproof.

These boots are used everywhere, from clean up crews to agricultural work. The Onguard Monarch plain-toe boots as well as the steel toe model are 16 inches tall. Some folks like to cut them down to about 12 inches, and there is a line where that can be done with good results. Obviously it doesn't offer quite the same level of protection, but some of our customers find them more comfortable when cut down. It's something that can easily be done with a mat knife or other blade.

The inside of these super boots is surprisingly comfortable. They have a replaceable cushion insole, and if you're going to be wearing them for extended periods, you might want to customize this aspect as well. Personally I've found them to be quite easy to wear for long periods with just good socks. They were dry and warm in cool, fall conditions. I've also worn these boots sailing through major squalls, and they kept me dry and comfortable while not leaving black marks on the boat, which was a nice bonus.

If you're looking for boots that will allow you to fly and punch through walls, good luck. And send us the link if you find them. But if you'll be satisfied with outstanding economy and durability in protective boots, can get them out to you immediately. So plan ahead this season. Get boots for your team, and be ready when the flooding arrives. They say luck favors the prepared. It also keeps them warm and dry.

Sep 23rd 2013 Justin McCarter

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