Safety Apps and How They’re Reporting and Recording Safety Accidents

Safety Apps and How They’re Reporting and Recording Safety Accidents

Mobile technology is all around us and has become an increasingly large part of our workplaces. It’s hard to find a worksite that doesn’t have a number of smartphones in worker pockets or tablets in hands. The technology can be used for more than streaming videos and checking emails, though: many mobile apps can help you improve your workplace safety. As part of a larger safety management program, mobile apps can add a lot of value to your workplace. Not only can smart devices contact workers or management that are far away, but they also feature tools that are useful across industries. It’s clear that mobile technology is here to stay, so it’s inevitable that smart devices will become a part of workplaces, and an important way to stay competitive and safe in the face of evolving worksite conditions. Here are the biggest benefits that these safety apps offer.

Real-Time Incident Reporting and Recording

No one wants to do paperwork, but mobile technology does make it easier to record an incident. It also makes it easier to record incidents in real time as part of the flow of work. Gone are the days of waiting until the end of a shift or trying to relay information to a supervisor secondhand, or forgetting important information as time passes. Mobile apps make recording incidents as easy as opening an app and filling out a report—if you can send a text message, you can fill out a mobile safety report. An easy-to-use reporting system means that more incidents get recorded, which means a complete set of data for a safety manager to analyze.

Investigating Workplace Accidents

Collecting photos of safety incidents is also easier with mobile devices. Employees can upload their photos directly to a space where they can be examined in an incident investigation. Mobile technology also allows you to geolocate and record the exact coordinates of the incident, which means having a precise map as part of your incident data. Mobile apps also save paper and other resources and offer cloud-based solutions, cutting down on resources and time for management teams who all have the same resources integrated with existing systems. With few barriers to reporting, more detailed information, a unified place to store information, and teams that are all on the same page, mobile apps make investigating workplace incidents far easier.

Information Access

Mobile technology also offers a way to be proactive about workplace safety. Workers can use their devices to organize and access information, training, and other resources to keep them safe on the job. Several apps work directly with your digital management system to deliver resources and stay on top of hazards, reports, and employee training. Because the training and information can be accessed when needed, it allows workers to use new information and resources right away without disrupting the workday. Mobile apps can also deliver real-time updates to conditions to prevent accidents before they happen.

Your Partner in Workplace Safety Programs

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