RKI’s Fixed System Turnkey Services

RKI’s Fixed System Turnkey Services

PK Safety has partnered with  RKI Instruments to bring you a complete done-for-you package of fixed systems gas detection — wired and wire-free — that's implemented and backed by RKI, a provider of innovative fixed monitoring systems. The Turnkey Solutions are customized to include site assessments, design, construction, start-up, installation, system maintenance, and comprehensive training. Learn more about each of these solutions and how they can be applied to your fixed gas detection needs.

Design, Consultation, and Engineering

RKI’s technical fixed gas detection representatives can help design the safest and most cost-effective fixed gas detection system that works for you. They can set up virtual meetings or visit your facility to identify hazards, determine any requirements unique to your site and use that information to offer your optimal system. You’re involved in the design process to make sure your system meets your requirements as well as local and federal regulations.

Wondering what questions will be asked and how much detail is discussed? Check out this sales process example for a fixed gas detection install.


“Turnkey” means you'll never have to touch tools—certified RKI technicians and select partners can handle equipment installation for you. Explosion-proof or not, hanging conduits, pull wiring, advanced relay logic, programming, ancillary equipment, low or high voltage, calibrations, and more can be taken care of by RKI's technicians and select partners.


Your RKI technician or select partner can confirm wire termination, program the system based on your requirements, calibrate it, and test the relay function to get you started off right. They’ll also train you as the end user so that you’re prepared to use your system to its fullest.


Speaking of training, RKI or a select partner can train you and your team for specific products and applications. This training can include programming, calibration, testing relay logic, and maintenance of your RKI system.

System Maintenance

RKI’s technicians don’t leave once the system is installed. They can help you develop a plan to maintain your system and keep the gas detector calibrations and relay functions OSHA compliant.

PK Safety: Your RKI Instruments Distributor

RKI is one of our most trusted brands, and after over 70 years in the industry, we know our confined space gas detectors. PK Safety carries RKI Fixed Gas Monitors that can be applied to the Turnkey Solutions. We have RKI and RAE Systems factory-trained certified technicians in-house to help with your devices, and we’re able to answer any of your worksite or equipment-related safety questions. For more information, call a safety expert at 800.829.9580 or contact one online.


Nov 17th 2022 PK Safety Team

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