PK Safety's New Harness Kit

PK Safety's New Harness Kit

PK Safety has been working with French Creek Production and is excited to announce the result of that collaboration— a harness kit with the PK Safety logo on it. French Creek is a company that’s dedicated to safety and specializes in fall safety equipment and rescue and recovery systems, and we were pleased to join them in creating a new fall harness kit. The PK Safety Harness Kit with Bag is comparable to the DBI kit that we’ve been selling all along, but with a few more features and a nice price tag for anyone looking to upgrade or replace their fall safety equipment. Here’s more about what to expect from this ready-to-go fall protection kit from PK Safety and French Creek.

Harness Features

This kit’s lightweight harness is made from synthetic webbing that comes in at a little over two pounds. It features chest and leg straps and 3-point adjustment for maximum safety that’s user friendly. Pass-thru leg and chest mating buckles mean no belt to deal with while moving and working, and the chest strap features the same buckle and is sewn in place to prevent maladjustments. This harness is designed to keep you strapped in during and after a fall, and it distributes fall-arrest forces throughout the strongest parts of your body. The hardware is plated to ASTM standards of corrosion resistance, and the harness meets or exceeds standards for OSHA, ANSI, and ANSI Z359.

Lanyard Features

The PK Safety Harness Kit lanyard is made with six feet of pack-style one-inch synthetic webbing. The lanyard is stitched to the harness for shock absorption that doesn’t require connecting hardware, making it lighter and less likely to get in your way while you’re working. The anchor end features locking snap hooks with a ¾” gate opening. It meets or exceeds OSHA Subpart M and ANSI standards A10.14-1991 and Z359.1-1992.

Carrying Bag Features

Our kit contains a duffel bag for the harness rather than a smaller carrying bag that you would find in other kits. The bag is a good size for transporting your fall arrest or confined space equipment and weighs less than a pound, so it won’t add much weight to the equipment that you’re already taking with you. The bag is zippered for easy storage and transport of your gear.Buy Your PK Safety Harness Kit from PK Safety

We’re excited about the results of our collaboration and want you to be, too. PK Safety has been in the safety business for decades, which means that we’re constantly looking for new ways to improve on what we do and show our continued dedication to worker safety. If you’re looking for new harness kits, the PK Safety Harness Kit with Bag is an excellent option from trusted names in the safety business—and for under $100, you can get fall protection at an extremely competitive price. To talk to safety experts about the gear that you need for your job or your worksite safety questions, get in touch online or by phone at 800.829.9580.

Jan 28th 2019 PKSafety Team

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