Petzl Face Shield Provides Eye Safety When You Need It

Petzl Face Shield Provides Eye Safety When You Need It

Have you ever been looking for your glasses and then realized they were on top of your head? The great thing about the Petzl VIZIR face shield is that is the first place you are going to look for them. The cleverly named VIZIR visor mounts to the top of a VERTEX VENT or ALVEO helmet creating convertible eye protection. Down when you need it, up when you don't. But your eye protection is always available as long as your helmet is on your head.

The VIZIR has several advantages over regular safety glasses. First of all, the VIZIR shield has a lip that settles down on the front of your helmet and creates a barrier to falling debris. The VIZIR doesn't just protect your eyes, but guards the whole upper part of your face from particles and unplanned head-butts.

The clear plastic shield is treated to be both fog- and scratch-resistant. And let's face it, the VIZIR looks cool. It also comes with a 3-year factory warranty, which is great.

We think the VIZIR is a smart addition to the confined space head protection offered by Petzl. The VERTEX helmets are made to accommodate accessories such as eye and ear protection. The VIZIR is at the top of the list for our recommendations. Built-in ear protection for the helmet may be required, or at least a smart idea, on some sites. Petzl products are thoughtfully designed to fit well and last.

If you care about your tools, you take care of them. And nothing in your tool bag is as important as your eyes. Keep them safe with a durable face shield like the Petzl VIZIR.

If you have questions about the Petzl VIZIR or the additional ear protection we've mentioned, please contact customer service.

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