New RKI GX-Force Sample Draw 4 Gas Monitor

New RKI GX-Force Sample Draw 4 Gas Monitor

You’re trusting your personal gas monitor with your life as well as the lives of your crew. The only choice you have is to choose the most durable model with the greatest features that still fits your budget. RKI has those needs covered with the latest in their line of multi-gas monitors.

The more information you have before you enter a confined space, and the better the quality of that information while you’re working, the better chance you and your team have of staying safe at work. The most common confined space gasses — LEL combustibles, oxygen, carbon monoxide, and hydrogen sulfide — can make these environments hazardous, sometimes deadly, if entering without respiratory protection as well as a way to monitor and ventilate the atmosphere.

RKI’s new GX-Force Sample Draw 4 Gas Monitor offers updated features and functionality that allow workers in confined space applications to make decisions for their safety easily. Here are some facts about the new features you can expect and the old favorites that make RKI one of the most trusted brands in gas monitors (and one of PK Safety’s ideal picks for confined space work).


The RKI GX-Force Sample Draw 4 Gas Monitor is built for personal monitoring of atmospheric conditions in confined spaces. This monitor can detect the four most common atmospheric gasses that present hazards in confined spaces, whether they’re breathable health hazards or potentially explosive. This makes it an ideal fit for workers in refineries, petrochemicals, utilities, oil and gas, water, and wastewater industries, as well as fire services and construction workers. These are all industries that may have confined space entry as well as a chance of having a hazardous atmosphere.

What’s New

The new GX-Force is two tools in one durable, user-friendly package. This monitor has two operating modes for different gas monitoring situations. Normal Operating Mode is what you’re used to in personal gas monitors, where the monitor is taken into confined spaces and used to monitor the atmosphere continuously. Leak Check mode allows a worker to conduct leak check investigations with the confidence of accurate readings.

At only 9.8 ounces, the GX-Force is the smallest of RKI’s 1-4 pumped personal gas monitors. The small size doesn’t take away from its monitoring ability, though. Due to the same microsensor technology as those found in the GX-3R, GX-3R Pro, 04 Series, and GasWatch 3. The internal pump on the GX-Force is capable of a 100’ sampling range to let you breathe a little easier at work, knowing that you’re trusting a powerful gas monitor.

Other Key Features

Many of the features that you love about other RKI gas detection monitors have returned in the GX-Force. The large LCD screen is easy to read in dark spaces and displays all gas readings, the current battery life, time, and a backlight that automatically activates whenever an alert happens. Vibration, audible, and visual alarms come standard, and all can be set to latching or non-latching.

The microprocessor controls mean that the GX-Force constantly checks itself for potential problems like low battery, sensor connections, circuit troubles, low flow, and calibration issues. The monitor provides calibration and bump test interval reminders when it’s time to check those settings over manually. These intervals and reminders are user-adjustable — you can set your own schedule and set the monitor to either go into alarm mode or lock the user out of normal measurement mode if a calibration is overdue. Calibration can be performed on individual monitors or several at a time with the appropriate equipment and accessories. GX-Force runs on a lithium-ion battery that’s rechargeable and USB-C compatible. It has a runtime of 30 hours without the need for a bulky charging cradle!

The GX-Force wouldn’t be in RKI’s lineup of gas monitors if it weren’t intrinsically safe and easy to use. The compact design features a two-button control system, making it easy to both grip and use with one hand–an obvious plus in confined spaces where you’re already going to be holding on to other equipment. The filters and sensors are both field replaceable for extra convenience. GX-Force passes the three-meter drop test and is impact, dust, and water resistant (water resistance equivalent to IP67, which makes it safe against occasional submersion). Operating temperatures range from -40 to 140 (-40℃ to 60℃), and the GX-Force can operate with relative humidity conditions ranging from 0 to 95% (non-condensing).

The GX-Force comes standard with the sensors required to detect four different gasses (LEL, O2, CO, and H2S) with built-in motorized pump, AC charger, rubber nozzle, USB-A to USB-C data downloading cable, 5’ or 10’ sample line, and probe. The GX-Force has a service life of three to five years and comes with a three-year warranty, including the sensors!

Additional Resources

For full instructions and information on the new RKI GX-Force gas monitor, consult the specification sheet, quick reference guide, or any of the other resources available with your monitor on the manufacturer's website or PK Safety’s product page for the GX-Force Sample Draw 4 Gas Monitor. You'll also be able to find more information, including replacement part product numbers and other particulars that will help you determine whether this is the gas detector model for you.

At PK Safety, we personally vet each of the products we carry, and we have years of on-the-job experience to speak from a place of authority. We carry these items because we trust them when we work and believe you will also. We are also a Factory Authorized Service Center for RKI Instruments — whether you need custom calibrations or repair and maintenance, we can help!

Remember that our website is always available to consult, and you can contact a PK Safety expert with your workplace safety questions by calling 800.829.9580 or using our online contact form.


Oct 8th 2023 PK Safety Team

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