New CleanSpace Respirators Kits

New CleanSpace Respirators Kits

Between the lack of fresh air and the potential for hazardous gases and particulates, working in high-dust sites offer a unique set of safety challenges. Worker safety has always been a top priority at PK Safety, and we’re now offering more options for confined space workers that need to breathe clean air. We carry a range of CleanSpace Respirators products and accessories, but we have two new respirator kits to consider when it comes to replacing or upgrading your current air quality safety system. These systems work great for environments like quarries, mining, welding, timber and agriculture, and maintenance and cleaning. 

CleanSpace Respirators run an intelligent algorithm that delivers clear fresh air on demand. Their proprietary AirSensit System adjusts the air flow in response to one's breathing, making it comfortable to wear over long periods of time. There are no belt mount battery packs, hoses or cables. Whether workers have to use it for 5 minutes or 10 hours, CleanSpace is an intuitive and easy system with a quick snap lock design. Few parts and no hoses to get snagged on equipment, CleanSpace allows workers to move easily between equipment. Combining the convenience of a negative pressure mask with the safety, effectiveness and comfort of a PAPR, CleanSpace Respirators are truly a revolution in respiratory protection!

CleanSpace2 Low Profile Deluxe Kit 

Excellent for a lot of industries and jobs and crucial for confined space work, this light and compact CleanSpace2 Low Profile Deluxe Kit comes with high efficiency and low profile HEPA particulate filter to keep the air you breathe as pure as possible. It’s designed to provide protection and comfort even during hard work, heavy use, and harsh environments. It’s battery-powered, which means no hoses, cables, or belt-mounted battery packs to struggle with for up to eight hours.

Complete the system with the Half Mask. The mask comes in three sizes and is compatible with all CleanSpace 2 PAPR power units. It clips and unclips from the power unit easily and is made of soft silicone that molds to the face and doesn’t trigger allergic reactions. The transparent material makes communication easier, ensuring that the job is done well and safely.

CleanSpace Full Face Ultra Power System with HEPA Filter

The Full Face Ultra Power System offers a HEPA particulate filter with 99.7% efficiency for particles 0.3 microns and above. Like with the 2 Power System, there are few parts to keep track of, and the eight-hour run time can keep you going for the entire workday. It’s an ideal system for environments with lead, silica, biohazards, radionuclides, and other hazards. It’s water-tolerant, comfortable, completely latex-free, and lightweight.

To meet NIOSH approval, the kit comes with the Full Face Mask in size medium/large. This mask offers a wide field of view, enhanced communication with the speech diaphragm, a built-in PortaCount adapter, and an inner nasal mask that’s easy to fit and remove. It can also be fitted with a polycarbonate visor. If you need to use prescription lenses with your respirator, the Full Face Mask Spectacle Kit allows you to do so without compromising the face seal. You can wear your glasses, count on them to be stable during hard work in tough environments, and stay comfortable. 

Air Quality Safety Equipment from PK Safety

PK Safety has been in the business of protecting workers for over 70 years, and we’re proud to uphold the tradition. If you need new air quality safety gear, we have respirators, monitors, and other equipment that you need to stay safe, and we add more to provide you with the best options. If you have questions about air quality or equipment that a PK Safety expert can help you answer, send us a message online or call us at 800.829.9580.

Jan 31st 2019 PKSafety Team

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