Need a Single Gas Monitor That Displays Constant Gas Levels?

Need a Single Gas Monitor That Displays Constant Gas Levels?

Some folks simply need their single gas monitors to go into alarm if gas concentrations reach dangerous levels. Many companies working with low-level or moderately dangerous environments are simply looking for a device that will allow them to meet minimum OSHA requirements. But for organizations that are serious about gas monitoring, Draeger is already on the radar. PK Safety is pleased to be carrying Draeger gas monitor devices because they have such a consistently good reputation among confined space professionals. The Draeger Pac 3500 is a single gas instrument which personifies the Draeger commitment to excellence. This monitor features constant gas level readout capabilities and a range of other features we've highlighted in our video.

The Pac 3500 is designed to be a personal single-gas monitor. Draeger makes these monitors to measure three different gases - Carbon Monoxide (CO), Oxygen (O2), or Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S). An important feature of the Pac 3500 monitor is the constant read-out of the gas level, but if you prefer, you can have it just be an alarm monitor. In this mode, once the unit goes into alarm, it would display the gas in PPM (parts per million).

The Pac 3500 is a two-year disposable diffusion detector. An internal timer marks time once the unit is turned on. During that period, the 3500 should be bump tested to make sure it is responding to gas, but according to the manufacturer, the unit doesn't need to be calibrated. Customers in heavy industry and in the oil and gas field trust Draeger products for their unmatched accuracy resolution. Patented XXS sensors read all the way down to .1 ppm and are among the very top of the industry for reliability and accuracy. Should the unit come into contact with dangerous levels of its specific gas, the monitor sounds a 90 dB alarm while LEDs flash and the instrument vibrates.

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