Introducing to mPower Electronics

Introducing to mPower Electronics

PK Safety experts are proud to offer our customers mPower Electronics Inc. brand gas detection equipment, alarm systems, and other environmental hazard safety options. Learn more about how mPower Electronics can serve your workplace and keep your team safe from the potential hazards of your work environment and atmosphere.

Imagine a product line that not only allows the detection of atmospheric gases and other hazards but can cover your bases with environmental hazards like soil contamination, too. This product line makes it easier to share information and alerts with an entire team. The gas detection training can be done on your smartphone through a gas detector app.

Founded by former Honeywell (BW & RAE) engineers, mPower Electronics Inc.’s mission is to become a respected provider of gas detection equipment and alarm systems, which is a mission that we respect. Their devices are used in industries like emergency services, oil and gas, refineries, and environmental services. PK Safety is proud to offer a new way for you and your team to stay protected against atmospheric and environmental hazards. We wouldn’t offer these products if we didn’t trust them ourselves — and we like what we see from mPower. We’ll cover some of what mPower Electronics offers users like you and your team.

Single and Multi-Gas Detection

A single gas monitor is an easy, portable solution for a wide array of industries and applications. The standard sensors you get include many toxic gases and oxygen. However mPower offers access to the additional gases you could also run into in your industry, such as hydrogen chloride, phosphene, ozone, phosgene, and others. Large LCD screens mean easier reading and clear information when it’s needed the most, and with six LEDs, you’ll get maximum readability and a long field life. Comfortable and drop-resistant, the UNI series is easy to use. UNI also has disposable single-gas readers in the series, which means you get gas measurement safety without the commitment if you don’t need a permanent or long-term solution for your gas detection issues on the field.

POLI multi-gas monitors can monitor four or five different gases, with options for oxygen, combustibles, many toxic gasses (with as many as 30 compatible sensor types), carbon dioxide, and volatile organic compounds. Depending on the model, you could get diffusion or pumped sampling, and with four sample slots, you can use combination sensors to detect up to six gases. Wireless communication facilitates real-time reactions to alerts like man down, gas readings, and alarms, even from remote places. Large systems with up to 32 monitors are also possible.Photo-Ionization Detection

The NEO photo-ionization detector — the most advanced handheld monitor available for volatile organic compound detection with part per million detection — can be used where leak detection is required and repair and fence-line monitoring. It can also save time and money when used in soil monitoring. NEO can distinguish between contaminated and uncontaminated soil, meaning waiting on lab analysis is a thing of the past. It also reduces treatment costs by finding the problem before it gets larger.

The NEO comes in many different models, from 1 ppb to 15,000 ppm, for different applications and levels of sensitivity, with the NEO BENZ as a model specifically designed to detect benzene. The photo-ionization detector and ultraviolet lamp ensure there’s less interference or downtime due to humidity. NEO can be equipped with a built-in wireless modem that allows workers to interface with the mPlatoon Suite.

Gas Transmitters

The VOXI series of mPower fixed transmitters use the technology of photo-ionization detection to monitor volatile organic compounds. VOC resolutions can be monitored at 1 ppb with MP812 and 10 ppb with MP815. The transmitter can keep samples free of contamination and skewed readings in two ways: the ultraviolet 10.6 eV lamp and electrometer reduce contamination for more stable readings and extended times between required maintenance, and a built-in heater keeps water from condensing inside the transmitter even in the most humid conditions.

On-site testing, configuration, and troubleshooting can be done through a mobile app and Bluetooth controller, making it easy and convenient to get ready to work. Depending on your set-up, the controller receives data and alarms continuously through either a wireless or wired connection. Even at a distance — and no matter the light conditions you’re working in — with the OLED display, you never have to guess what your readings are because you can see the information clearly.

Wireless Team Warning Systems

Information on a hazardous atmosphere isn’t helpful if the entire team isn’t fully aware of what’s going on. Warning systems and alerts are lifesavers, and mPower has mPlatoon to take care of your team when the job site gets hazardous. mPlatoon is a quickly deployable set of multi-gas meters with wireless communication up to two miles within a central command station — perfect for Hazmat response workers, temporary venue protection, large industrial sites, and similar environments and industries.

The mLink-F command system can connect to up to 64 personnel (in eight squads with eight meters — mLink-P is a smaller and more economical option for smaller organizations or groups). Each squad's Head and Soldier monitors can detect four or five different gases. The Squad Head and central command module receive Man Down alerts. The entire communication ecosystem is managed wirelessly through an Android smartphone or tablet. mLink-F can run on 100-240 VAC power, out of a vehicle, or on a backup battery that lasts for 18 hours.


Different gas detection products are suited for different applications — and luckily for teams in confined spaces and other hazardous environments, mPower covers many of these bases. mPower Electronics provides constant monitoring and real-time information about environmental hazards like volatile organic compounds, explosive gasses, and toxic industrial chemicals. A range of products for gas detection are used in applications such as wastewater treatment, groundwater contamination, and vapor phase pollution monitoring.

For more detailed information on the product suite that mPower offers, their website has manuals, datasheets, technical and application notes, and a wealth of other information for the safety-conscious worker or team leader. For more information about gas detection or workplace safety supply, PK Safety’s safety experts are ready to help answer your questions and address your concerns.


Sep 15th 2023 PK Safety Team

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