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Importance of UL Classification in Safety Products

Posted by PK Safety Team on Mar 27th 2019

Safety products need to be tested andapproved before they’re sold to the public. One of the organizationsresponsible for testing and approving these kinds of products is UnderwritersLaboratories, a non-profit testing facility headquartered in Northwood,Illinois. This organization runs a range of diagnostic tests to make sure theseproducts are up to industry standards. UL classified products tend to be someof the safest and most reliable safety products on the market. Learn more aboutthis important distinction and how products become UL classified.

What Is UL Classification?

Underwriters Laboratories is a non-profit,third-party testing facility that evaluates a range of safety products,including but not limited to medical device testing equipment, fire testingequipment, home electronics, food service and plumbing equipment, and informationtechnology equipment. Unlike other testing companies, UL has no vested interestin the financial success of any of the products it’s responsible for testing.This ensures every product is fairly evaluated.

Once UL approves a product, it then needsto be evaluated by state, local and federal government agencies like OSHA.UL will even make unannounced visits to companies whose products theorganization has already approved to make sure they’re still up to ULstandards. If a product fails to pass these tests a second time, UL will removeits UL classification.

UL Classification vs. UL Listed

UL classified is not to be confused withUL listed. These represent two different approval processes. UL listed means theproduct passes all of UL’s requirements under the applicable Standard. Thus, theproduct can bear the official UL Listed mark. UL classified means the producthas only been evaluated for specific properties, with regard to a limited rangeof hazards, or for use under certain conditions. UL certified products are justas safe as UL listed products, but they should only be used in certainsituations. If a product is UL listed, it can be used in a range of differentenvironments. UL listed products have all the same safety features as ULclassified products, but UL listed takes the examination process one stepfurther.

Why Choosing UL Classified Products Is Important

Companies and organizations need to know that the safetyproducts they’re using meet certain industry standards. If companies useproducts that fail to meet these standards, they could put some of theiremployees at risk. Safety products are designed to save lives and keep peoplesafe in hazardous situations. If this safety equipment fails, the person usingit may be injured or may even lose their life due to the company’s negligence.This will lead to hefty government fines and legal fees and may evenpermanently damage the company’s reputation.

That’s why companies choose UL listed or classified safetyproducts. These products have been tested to make sure they work the waythey’re supposed to, protecting the company’s employees from a range of hazardsand potentially dangerous situations.

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