How We Improve PK Safety Team’s Product Knowledge

How We Improve PK Safety Team’s Product Knowledge

Being a product expert includes staying on track with new and existing products, which we like to grow and maintain through continuous training. When developing our team's safety product expertise, we focus on consistency. PK Safety provides comprehensive training in conjunction with our suppliers representing different industries and solutions.

Occupational safety products continuously evolve to satisfy customers’ changing needs. We know that gaining expert knowledge of these new products is vital. So to achieve this, PK Safety actively participates in trainings and continuous learning. As a result, superior product knowledge is one of our team’s strengths. When you call us for assistance, you can be sure you’ll get expert advice on the products you need for your application.

Highlights from French Creek Production Training

We are excited to highlight the key points of our most recent training done by French Creek experts Terry Ruiz and Dennis Stone. The key aspect of successful product training done by the French Creek representatives is that their presentation goes far beyond just listing the products’ specs. We watched the live demonstration of how French Creek’s self-retracting lifelines (SRL) work in conjunction with harnesses and tripods to save lives. Terry also explained the definition of a leading edge, and how their new Outlaw Leading Edge SRL works to protect in applications with a leading edge risk.

For PK Safety, the most important part of these trainings is the hands-on experience that gives us a chance to see, feel, and even test new products. We put on gloves, harnesses, helmets, and other products that we offer to our customers, so we could get a feel of what workers are experiencing when wearing PPE.

The Q&A part of the session is also important to us because it helps us to fully understand all the product and solution specifications to best explain them to our customers.

French Creek training

For PK Safety team members who are unable to attend these live sessions, we record these training videos for them to watch and grasp all the important details about the new product features and applications.

Thanks to these ongoing training sessions, our safety experts have become more confident than ever in recommending the best solutions for numerous applications.

Featured Products from French Creek

Outlaw SRLs

The fall protection products French Creek was featuring during our recent training included amazing self-retracting lifelines (SRLs) that allow you to give workers extra confidence while working on the edge. Designed for use as a connecting device in a personal arrest system, French Creek's Outlaw Leading Edge SRL has entered the next level in fall protection. Its key features include the Leading Edge shock pack that reduces the risk of cable shearing, and the swivel anchor loop that swivels 360 degrees to limit twisting. The Outlaw Series SRLs provide durability and safety with its short fall arrest activation capability.

Confined Space Rescue System

Make sure to check out French Creek’s confined space rescue systems. We proudly offer the confined space 3-Way Rescue Unit from French Creek Production that includes the 9' TP9 Aluminum Tripod, the 50' Galvanized Wire Rope, and the MW50G Work Winch. This tripod kit meets all applicable ANSI and OSHA standards.

You can purchase durable and safe fall protection equipment online at You can also call us at 800-829-9580 to find out more.

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