How to Use an Eyewash Testing Gauge

How to Use an Eyewash Testing Gauge

By Samantha Hoch, Marketing Specialist, Haws

Eyewash testing gauges are an important tool when testing eyewashes and eye/face washes for ANSI Z358.1 compliance. Make sure you are utilizing it correctly with this quick guide.

How To Use An Eyewash Gauge

To determine a suitable eyewash pattern, the eyewash testing gauge should be a minimum of 4 inches in length with two sets of parallel lines equidistant from the center. The interior of the lines should be 3.25 inches apart. (Section 5.1.8)

STEP 1. Activate the eye/face wash. Note: If the eye/face wash is a part of a combination unit, ensure all other outlets are activated to confirm proper flow and simultaneous use. (Section 7.1)

STEP 2. Place the testing gauge in the streams of the eyewash. (Section 5.1.8)

STEP 3. The flushing fluid should cover the areas between the interior and exterior lines of the gauge at some point less than 8 inches above the eyewash nozzle. (Section 5.1.8)

Eyewash Gauge

This guest post was originally published in Haws Blog, June 28, 2016.

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