How Do You Properly Dispose of Your Multi-Gas Monitor?

How Do You Properly Dispose of Your Multi-Gas Monitor?

Your multi-gas detector works hard to keep you safe. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end, including this vital device. Towards the end of a multi-gas monitor’s life, servicing or even replacement may be required as soon as possible: there’s no room for error when it comes to toxic atmospheres on the job. However, you don’t want your gas monitor to create hazardous conditions once it’s thrown out. Some gas monitors give you the ability to extend their usable life by having replaceable or rechargeable batteries, changeable sensors, and other upgrades and repairs. Eventually, though, your device will wear out and require replacing. What do you do with your old 4 gas monitors then?

Many parts of a multi-gas detector are recyclable, but they also contain lithium ion batteries. These batteries are hazardous waste that can’t be mixed with other jobsite rubbish to enter solid waste streams due to the risks they pose, especially if their power isn’t fully depleted at the time of disposal. This means that your old monitor will need to be completely dismantled by a specialized recycler or handler equipped to handle it before it’s disposed of.

Disposal and dismantling requires a specialized facility with the right kinds of equipment and knowledge to properly and safely dispose of them. A local E-Waste recycler can help you with most of the monitor parts. If you don’t have an E-Waste recycler nearby, or you just want to put your monitors in the mail and not worry about them after that, PK Safety customers can mail us their units for proper disposal.

Do you still have questions about disposing of old gas monitors? Are you looking to replace the ones you’re retiring or service the ones that still have a few years of service life left? PK Safety can help. We personally vet all of the gas detection equipment that we sell and have decades of safety products and servicing expertise to help answer your questions. We’re even a Factory Authorized Service Center for BW Honeywell gas monitors and have RKI and RAE factory-trained certified technicians in-house to help with calibration and maintenance. For more information, call us at 800.829.9580 or reach out online.

Jan 17th 2022 PK Safety Team

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