Highlighting the Honeywell BW Flex4 4-Gas Detector

Highlighting the Honeywell BW Flex4 4-Gas Detector

When it comes to gas detection, Honeywell is one of the best brands out there. They pioneered a fixed-life single gas detector, created the first compact multi-gas detector with one-button operation, and became a leader of quality, reliability, and ease of use. Their Next Generation Multi-Gas Platform is just a continuation of that great work, and we at PK Safety are excited to bring you the Honeywell BW Flex4 4-Gas Detector.

The Honeywell Legacy

The newest generation of BW Honeywell gas detectors incorporates the best features of their legacy portable detectors but with updates. Get the latest in technology and capabilities while keeping the same small, lightweight, wearable, and easy-to-use performance you’re used to. All of the next generation detectors give you up to two months of gas detection on 4.5 hours of charging for a longer, safer uptime. Flex will also stand up to dust and immersion in water and continue to operate. Keep the experience you love, but with increased performance and new features to increase your safety and compliance.

Extreme Flexibility

BW Flex is a serviceable 4-gas detector that lets you choose from over 15 sensors, giving you an incredible number of options to suit your work. It detects up to four gases simultaneously, and with the upcoming COSH sensor, you can have one of the smallest, lightest 5-gas detectors available. Intelligent Sensors

The BW Flex incorporates i-Series intelligent sensors. Monitor the status of your sensors, which can provide information on calibration, maintenance, and the detector’s end-of-life in real time to keep you aware and ahead of safety incidents. The low-power infrared LEL sensor is also immune to silicone poisoning, which allows more accurate monitoring of combustible atmospheres. BW Flex will also come with the option of standard catalytic LEL sensors, offering you protection even in traditional applications.

Compatible and Efficient

Flex is compatible with the IntelliDoX instrument management system. Combine your smart docking module with the Honeywell Safety Suite software you’re already using for your other Honeywell detectors—no new infrastructure needed, and you get the same automatic bump tests and data transfers you’re used to for maximum efficiency. You can also connect your Flex to the Honeywell Device Configurator app via Bluetooth and get readings and other data on your smartphone.

Faster Decision-Making

Whether you’re on the job or off, trust the BW Flex to give you safety information at a glance. IntelliFlash’s green light means a detector is in compliance, while the amber light means it needs to be maintained. Even in harsh conditions, the sensors will respond to dangerous gas levels quickly and accurately thanks to a slimmer sensor profile that allows gases to diffuse into them more quickly. The large, high-resolution display lets you see readings more clearly. And when gas is detected, between the bright lights, vibration, and alarm, you’ll know if there’s a threat and get out of there faster.

Multi-Gas Detectors from PK Safety

PK Safety has been your partner in workplace safety for over 75 years. During that time, we’ve personally vetted thousands of safety products like gas detectors. We carry the brands that we would trust in the field and can help you find the equipment you need to breathe easier and stay safe. Contact one of our safety experts online or by calling 800.829.9580.

Oct 25th 2022 PK Safety Team

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