Gas Leak Detection for HVAC/R Professionals

Gas Leak Detection for HVAC/R Professionals

For servicemen and HVAC professionals looking for a reliable leak detection system, the UEi Test Instruments Gas Leak Detector CD100A for combustible gases is the perfect device. UEi continues to expand their innovative environmental test equipment specifically for the home and small commercial applications.

While we have other devices by UEi, the first most popular is the UEi Combustible Gas Leak Detector CD100A. This tool provides sensitive combustible gas detection and uses a Geiger counter-style clicker to determine when the detection wand is nearing the source of the leak.

Whether used as a leak detection device, or to check work once completed to make sure there are no longer leaks present, the UEi CD100A responds instantly to all combustible gases. The flexible 18 in. gooseneck wand allows servicemen to check areas that might be inaccessible to other gas detection devices.

The CD100A features sensitivity to 50 ppm and in addition to the audible tic indicator when gas is present, a flashing LED light will also be displayed to provide warning. In noisy environments, the UEi Gas Leak Detector allows headphones to be plugged in so the tic rate can be heard more easily.

Jun 9th 2014 Justin McCarter

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