Gas Clip Technologies — Innovative Gas Monitoring

Gas Clip Technologies — Innovative Gas Monitoring

Who is Gas Clip Technologies?

Whether you work in oil and gas, utilities, telecommunications, marine, or other demanding industries, you need portable gas detectors that are reliable and durable. Gas Clip Technologies (GCT), although a relatively young company, started a revolution in the gas monitor industry using quality products with innovative new features. According to users GCT gas monitors are affordable, reliable, and easy to use. However the reason they’ve been adopted so quickly are the unique new features.

Innovation is the lifeblood of our business. We continue to build the latest technology into our products.” –Gas Clip Website.

How Do They Innovate?

GCT kept things simple for the end-user while offering innovative features users want. Their gas monitors are comparably priced to other monitors making them an even easier choice for purchasing managers. The hibernation mode offered on their SGC was so successful that BW Honeywell now offers a similar feature on their new single gas BW Clips.

The Hibernating SGC – Like most single gas detectors on the market it has a simple interface. It has adjustable alarm set points, real-time readouts, etc. The innovation comes from the hibernation feature.

Do you ever go for periods of a week or more not needing your gas monitor? That can be a huge waste of a gas monitor’s fixed life. The SGC offers significant cost savings for this situation. Using a GCT IR Link or SGC Dock you can place the SGC into hibernation. This pauses the monitor’s use of its fixed life. When you wake it up again it will continue counting down from when it was hibernated.

The MGC Simple Plus – Ever forget to charge your cell phone? Now consider if that were responsible for keeping you safe. Running out of battery on your gas monitor because you did not charge it long enough is dangerous.

The solution is the Multi Gas Clip (MGC) Simple Plus. It has the longest battery life of any portable gas detector – 3 years. No need to charge or turn it off.

What's the secret of the MGC's extended battery life? It uses low-power photo-metric technology for the detection of the combustible gases (LEL). Instead of draining the battery with pellistor technology, the MGC uses an IR source. This conserves power, so the battery lasts.

Jun 30th 2015 Liz

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