Fire Safety: 12 Ways to Keep Your Workplace Safe

Fire Safety: 12 Ways to Keep Your Workplace Safe

Workplace fires and explosions cost businesses money in property damage and worker’s compensation claims and are the highest workplace accident casualty rate. There are OSHA safety products and standards that guard against fire hazards and fatalities, but these workplace fire prevention tips can also keep everyone safe.

Keep Equipment Accessible

Electrical control panels, sprinklers, firefighting equipment, and emergency exits should never be blocked. Observe clearances when stacking anything.

Tidy Up

Debris could fuel a fire or block exits and safety equipment. Keep workplaces free from clutter when possible and ensure that everything is stored properly.

Properly Discard Waste

Oil-soaked rags and other fire hazards should be disposed of in covered metal containers. These containers should be regularly emptied.

Maintain Equipment

Equipment that overheats or isn’t lubricated can present a fire hazard. Perform checks and maintenance and keep detailed records.

Report Electrical Hazards

Malfunctioning equipment and faulty wiring can cause electrical fires. If something doesn’t look right, let your supervisor know.

Use and Store Chemicals Safely

Always read Material Safety Data Sheets and labels. When using or storing hazardous chemicals, do so in properly ventilated areas and with the appropriate personal protective equipment.

Wear Appropriate Personal Protective Equipment

For FR protection and warmth while cleaning up outside, we have a GRIT Field Jacket. A Pip 2-Layer Liner with FR Shell can keep your ears warm. If you need people to see you, NSA has an FR Dual Action Hi-Vis T-Shirt or the FR Deluxe Hi-Vis Road Vest can offer protection and visibility.

For workers who need full-body protection from fire hazards, we have an UltraSoft Coverall from NSA and a Saf-Tech Nomex FR Contractor Coverall.

Protection doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort or style. We have GRIT FR shirts in Navy Twill Work Shirt and Henley T-Shirt styles. If you’re looking for comfortable protection in your FR pants, we carry GRIT's Green Duck Work Pants and Brown Duck Bib Overalls.

Exercise Caution in Explosive Atmospheres

Areas containing flammable liquid vapors or fine particles should be approached with caution. Take precautions to keep the atmosphere from igniting, like using non-sparking tools and static electricity control.

Lock Up Your Building

Keep your building locked up and report suspicious people or behavior in order to prevent arson fires. In addition, don’t leave combustible garbage outside or near your building, if possible.

Designate Areas for Smoking

Make sure that workers who take smoke breaks are using designated smoking areas. Post reminders that enforce proper smoke distinguishing and cigarette discarding.

Check Your Fire Extinguishers

Check the gauges in your fire extinguishers. If the extinguisher was inspected more than a month ago, arrange for maintenance. Encourage everyone to receive proper training for fire extinguisher use.

Display Signage and Emergency Contact Information

Your emergency numbers and company address should be posted by phone stations. Get information sheets in more than one language if necessary. Make sure that there are exit signs installed.

Make and Run Your Evacuation Plan

Have a designated spot outside where employees can meet after an evacuation. Conduct drills twice a year and assign employees to be fire drill captains. Everyone else should know the company policy for responding to emergencies.

Safety Equipment from PK Safety

PK Safety has been in the safety equipment business for decades. For more information about workplace fire prevention or flame resistant or arc flash protection gear, get in touch by phone at 800.829.9580 or online.

Oct 8th 2018 Mindy W.

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