Faster Shipping Now Available From PK Safey Supply

Faster Shipping Now Available From PK Safey Supply

Those of you who order regularly from PK Safety Supply may have noticed some of your items are showing up even faster than before. No, we're not making UPS drivers break the speed limit or delivering your packages via drone. We've simply expanded our warehousing to include an East Coast location so our most popular items can be delivered anywhere in the US within 48 hours.

While our new PK Safety warehouse outpost is still in it's early stages, it demonstrates our commitment to getting the products you need to you faster and less expensively. We know nobody wants to wait for their equipment, and the faster we can get it to your location, the happier you'll be. That's why we have invested in this process and will continue searching for ways to speed up delivery.

While our drone delivery system is still quite a ways behind Amazon's (OK, we have no drone delivery system, nor are we likely to implement one in the foreseeable future) our fast shipping is getting even faster, and we still offer free shipping on most orders over $100. You'll always receive the same professional service and care when you order from PK Safety. Your orders may just show up a little quicker than before.

Sep 1st 2014 Administrator

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