EZ-Stop & Force2 Lanyards - Confined Space Fall Protection

EZ-Stop & Force2 Lanyards - Confined Space Fall Protection

DBI-SALA recently made a significant upgrade to their Force2 and EZ-Stop lines of fall safety lanyards. The company has replaced their traditional shock packs with smaller, lighter absorbers. The new shock packs are 66% smaller and 44% lighter than previous models. That's a major advancement especially for workers moving at height where every ounce counts.

For confined space workers, the less bulky lanyard shock packs mean greater mobility. The interior of the packs is made of Hi-10 Vectran shock absorber. This stuff is amazing - stronger than steel, it has high abrasion resistance, minimal moisture absorption, very high chemical resistance, and outstanding cut resistance. All in a unit roughly the size of a tennis ball.

Another big breakthrough with this line of lanyards is their modularity. Some of the EZ-Stop and Force2 lanyards have the capacity to change out the shock pack in the event of a fall. Since the rest of the lanyard is typically unphased by the event, DBI-SALA decided it would save companies money if they could simply swap out the used shock pack.

Lanyards like the EZ-Stop 6 ft. Web Lanyard are typical of the line. Lighter overall, with coated webbing, incredible durability, and proven to meet all applicable safety standards. The same technology is included in lanyards like the Force2 WrapBax Lanyard 1246173. This model is capable not only of foot level tie-off and handling a 12 ft. free fall, but also has reinforced attachment hooks which can be wrapped around an anchorage and hooked back to themselves. And of course, the same shock packs have been incorporated into their EZ-Stop 100% Tie-Off Lanyards.

If you feel like watching the DBI-SALA EZ-Stop & Force2 Lanyard Video go ahead and rock on, my friend. Rock on.

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