Brand Spotlight: GfG (Good for Gas)

Brand Spotlight: GfG (Good for Gas)

Without the proper equipment, it’s difficult to know if certain atmospheric hazards like toxic gases are present because many are invisible, odorless, and tasteless. You may not even know if it’s toxic or explosive until it’s too late.

Gas detection equipment is a lifesaver for workers and employers in industries where hazardous gasess are prevalent. PK Safety has recently added GfG (Good for Gas) Instrumentation’s portable and fixed gas detection systems lines to our lineup. GfG’s quality and dedication to safety and service impressed us just as much as their gear.

GfG Instrumentation, Inc.

GfG has been in the business of producing gas detection technologies for over 60 years. Their goal is a simple one: protecting people, plants, and the environment from gas hazards. Today, the Ann Arbor, Michigan company is one of the largest suppliers of gas detection systems and measuring instruments in the world. Their product experts have broad industry experience as well as a passion for learning and gaining new insights to help create new products and improve existing ones.

Safety as a Product

Safety isn’t just providing the right tools to workers, but ensuring they have all the knowledge and equipment needed to stay safe. Whether you’re looking at the safety of the individual worker, the plant at large, or even the environment, safety is a matter of technology, sound advice, and support at all stages and levels. GfG accompanies customers through the entire life cycle of their systems and products with the help of local partners. Not only does this allow for fast and economical delivery, but it also means that everyone on-site is effectively and efficiently trained. Consistent, Constant Quality

Having high standards means having a high-quality product that customers can trust. GfG pays special attention to the details at every stage of their gas detection equipment’s development, production, and quality control. As technology changes and advances, so do GfG products—accessible data and information are important for many industry processes, and GfG gas monitoring systems make that information easier to access and use. Their products pass tests both on the job and in the lab, and they have the awards to prove it. GfG is ISO certified to 9001:2015, ATEX and IECEx QAR QM standards, meaning that GfG is as safe and reliable as its products.


GfG has a wide range of gas detection and monitoring equipment in its catalog, including the portable single- and multi-gas monitors and fixed gas detection systems that PK Safety sells. GfG’s portable gas detectors measure up to seven different gases at once and have long-lived sensors and batteries to keep you safe longer. GfG's 3 and 5 year warranties on select sensors makes their total cost of instrument ownership highly competitive. The fixed gas detection system controllers have near-unlimited configuration options for flexibility, and the transmitters allow reliable detection of almost any gas. GfG also has docking and testing stations, respiratory air monitors, accessories, and test gases available.

For more information about GfG and what they have to offer, visit their website. If you have questions about gas detection systems, monitors, and calibration gas, including questions about custom calibration options or servicing, contact a PK Safety safety expert by calling 800.829.9580 or using our online contact form


Aug 31st 2022 PK Safety Team

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