April 28 is Workers Memorial Day

April 28 is Workers Memorial Day

Your job shouldn't cost your life, but for some, this has unfortunately been the case. 

Workers Memorial Day is recognized globally on April 28 as a day of observance for workers who died or suffered from hazards at work. It also serves as an opportunity for us to think of ways to achieve safer and healthier workplaces.

Safety should be everyone's responsibility. According to the National Safety Council (NSC), the number of preventable work deaths increased 9% in 2021, totaling 4,472. Making workplace health and safety a core value by both management and workers can help lower these statistics. Employers need to provide a safe work environment, which includes the financial support, management oversight, PPE, tools, and training workers need to do their jobs safely. 

Better understand your workplace fatality risks by identifying the top hazardous situations and relevant technology solutions for your organization. Explore technological solutions that are constantly changing and improving with workplace equipment including gas detection, sensors, fatigue detection technologies and immersive technologies. 

After gaining necessary insight,  workers and employers can actively collaborate to improve workplace safety programs. Workers can report hazards promptly and make suggestions for improvement or solutions. They can continue to be good safety role models for my friend and family, even off the job.

For over 75 years, PK Safety's is committed to providing outstanding customer service and industry knowledge. We have real-life safety experts who you can actually talk to who receive regular training from the manufacturers of the products we carry and vet ourselves. We also provide a variety of resources on worker safety including blog posts, news articles in leading industry publications, and videos. From construction and confined space to renewable energy to healthcare, we serve a wide range of industries and are constantly looking for ways to improve, innovate, and bring you safer workplaces and equipment.

Fatalities should never be the cost of working. By learning from the past and preparing for the future, workers and employers can ensure everyone can go home at the end of the day.

Apr 26th 2024 PK Safety Team

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