Affordable Sunscreen for the Outdoor Worker

Affordable Sunscreen for the Outdoor Worker

Last week Jim Boone of Coretex came to our office to talk with us about his product, SunX Sunscreen. We loved how Jim's company is taking a wonderful product and making it available and affordable for the outdoor worker. Here's a quick video that we put together with Jim that highlights the benefits and affordability of SunX.

Video Transcript

Hi, this is Rick Pedley and welcome to PK Safety. Today I’m here with Jim Boone of Coretex manufacturing and we’re talking about SunX sunscreen.

00:13  Jim: This is our biggest selling package for sunscreen, it’s a single-dose foil pack of sunscreen and upper arms, face, and legs. That allowed the employer to look at this and say, “We can afford now to implement a skin wellness program, because the packaging makes us able to do that.” That’s one application, that’s the most convenient—hang this on the wall, or put it on the counters, or exit in the maintenance shack, one or two of these in your pocket and you have sunscreen.

00:42  Jim: The other way we looked at it is we took the wet wipes concept, and just took pre-moistened towelettes, sixteen of them, put them into a package that’s resealable, now if you can monitor that or if the employer can monitor this, that’s enough sunscreen for the outside worker for about two weeks. So obviously that reduced the application cost dramatically by putting sixteen instead of the individual.

01:06  Jim: The ultimate way for cost of application would be this dispenser, this is a standard soap dispenser you’d see in any commercial washroom and this is a bladder of sunscreen, about 500 milliliters, about sixteen or seventeen ounces, put the bladder in the dispenser, one or two, and that’s enough sunscreen for arms, face, and legs, and that’s the least expensive way to get sunscreen on the outside worker.

01:30  Jim: We don’t have a retail interest, we don’t have an ax to grind in that industry, we are in the industrial first aid safety supply industry, and we’re protecting those outside workers.

01:40  Rick: And so employers, when they have workers outside, they have an interest, legal and otherwise, to make sure the workers don’t get skin cancer.

Jim: Absolutely. We’ve found, talking to human resource management teams and risk management teams, you’re not only protecting the outside worker, it’s really a morale booster too. They like their companies being concerned with their welfare and their wellbeing. And skin cancer being on the rise two to three hundred percent in this country, outdoor workers feel fortunate that their companies actually care about them by issuing them sunscreen and making sure that they’re protected from the sun’s harmful rays. So it’s a twofold, threefold issue, supplying those workers with skin protection makes a lot of sense.

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