5 Reasons To Love G-Tek MaxiFlex Gloves

5 Reasons To Love G-Tek MaxiFlex Gloves

There are literally thousands of different types of gloves on the market for every type of work and play imaginable. The safety gloves we sell at PK Safety are used in factories, auto repair shops, petrochemical plants, and for plain old sweeping up. So why has one type of glove suddenly become the all-time best seller, completely eclipsing all others in terms of satisfaction and sheer number of orders?

I'd like to say it's because of our outstanding customer service, and our deep knowledge about the fit and manufacture of gloves: We send our customer service people to glove school, for goodness sake. But no, that's not it. Folks are deliriously happy with their G-Tek MaxiFlex glove, and their popularity has grown largely by word of mouth.

A friend of the PK family is a local carpenter. He uses the G-Tek nitrile-coated gloves for his various projects and we think the reasons he likes them are the reasons everyone likes them. One is feel. These gloves have the sensitivity to grasp small objects like finishing nails. They also offer some protection from puncture wounds, but aren't so thick they remove his sense of feel from the projects. The G-Teks are fairly low on the puncture protection scale (Abrasion 4, Cut 1, Tear 4, Puncture 1) , but they do deflect some snags and jabs that would pierce the skin if unprotected.

Another reason our friend likes this glove is grip. G-Tek gloves add just a bit of stick to the fingers, and they help when carrying a 2x4 in one hand and a nail gun in the other. The gloves fit snugly, but the woven material breathes fairly well. They are like a second skin but better, since your skin isn't make of durable micro-foam nitrile.

This carpenter, we'll call him Todd, since that's his name, is also a big believer in the G-Tek durability. While other gloves may offer similar feel and protection, he tells us none of them come close to lasting as long as these gloves. A glove that lasts longer translates into needing to buy fewer of them during the course of the year, and that means you are spending less on gloves. The G-Tek is priced competitively, but when you factor in their longevity, they become a bargain.

At the end of the shift, it's all these things wrapped up in one that has made the G-Tek such a customer favorite. If you have questions about gloves, the G-Tek MaxiFlex, or safety in general, feel free to write us a note, drop us a line, or connect with us on the world wide web.

Aug 21st 2013 Justin McCarter

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