3M Scott Fire & Safety Products: Scott Gas Monitor and Detector

3M Scott Fire & Safety Products: Scott Gas Monitor and Detector

For workers who need gas detection equipment, PK Safety has added another option for you. We now carry products from 3M Scott Fire & Safety. 3M Scott Fire & Safety provides rugged protective equipment for harsh working conditions and the accessories and supplies to get jobs done efficiently, comfortably, and safely. They’ve protected thousands of workers around the world, and we’re proud to carry them. Here’s some of what we offer.


3M Scott Fire & Safety offers gas canisters to help you calibrate and bump test your gas detectors. PK Safety has cylinders available for carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, oxygen, and a combination of those three gases plus methane and nitrogen. Make sure to pick up the clear tubing used for bump tests with these cylinders and the flow regulator to use with auto bump and calibration stations.

Gas Detectors

Gas detectors from 3M Scott Fire & Safety are compact, rugged, and durable. The designs are user-friendly, the displays easy to read, and models that can detect more than one gas can display all gas readings simultaneously. Gas detectors offer great protection in confined spaces, featuring very distinctive and loud, audible alarms that are ideal for noisy work environments and a high-visibility visual alarm that covers large areas. The PS500 Multi-Gas Detector can detect up to five gases and be programmed for customized ranges. 3M Scott Fire & Safety units have pump and diffusion detector options, and some units will have the capability for both should the needs of your worksite change. Single gas monitors come in carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, and oxygen, and they offer an easy, high-performance, low-maintenance gas detection option for up to two years.

Charging and Test Stations

You can’t have gas monitors without someplace to make sure you can charge and calibrate them. Charging stations available from 3M Scott Fire & Safety are designed for use with their PS200 or PS500 Series of monitors. A charging station allows you to fully charge many units simultaneously within a few hours, and a testing station can let you calibrate or bump test units as well as manage data on gas levels and program detectors.


We also offer the little things you might not think of but that can be crucial to safe and efficient gas monitor operation. Hydrophobic and probe filter assemblies, USB cables, rubber protective boots, ball float assemblies, travel cases, battery packs, and even a data logging software package communication option are all products 3M Scott Fire & Safety offers and that PK Safety now carries.

A Deal on 3M Scott Fire & Safety Products from PK Safety

We’re excited about this addition to our line of safety products. PK Safety has been in the safety business for decades, and any opportunity to protect worker safety is one that we’d love to take. If you want to know more about gas detection equipment, worksite safety, or anything else, contact a safety expert online or by phone at 800.829.9580.

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Dec 18th 2018 PK Safety Team

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