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15% Off All ErgoKneel Mats

Posted by PK Safety Team on Feb 06th 2012

PK is excited to shave 15% off all ErgoKneel mats until March 5,2012. Just enter ERGO15 at checkout for instant savings. Imagine that the physical demands of your job were equal to those of sitting in your favorite easy chair. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Sadly, few of us have this luxury, but ergonomics can give it to us in bits and pieces. Ergonomics is a branch of product design that is focused on creating objects with the body’s physical comfort in mind. From cell phones to steering wheels, the effects of ergonomics are vast and at work in areas where we least expect it.

Ergonomic Safety Supplies

ErgoKneel mats are products that combine the science of ergonomics with the practical durability that the grittiest and most physically demanding jobs require. If your job involves standing all day, the large floor mats will save the entire body from the stress and fatigue that standing on a hard surface promises. ErgoKneel also makes portable mats that are a lifesaver for the knees in any task that involves kneeling, whether it is changing a tire, fixing a furnace, or gardening.

The ergonomically designed closed-cell foam rubber guarantees a soft landing for the body, but these mats overflow with features that make them top of the line. All of its surfaces are impervious to liquids and petroleum products and can be easily cleaned with soap, water, or solvents. The non-conductive rubber does not compression set and guarantees the ultimate in comfort with every use.

Added comfort at an affordable price reduces fatigue and increases productivity at a sustainable level. Try an ErgoKneel and feel the comfort.