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RKI Non-Explosion Proof CO2 Direct Connect Sensor

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RKI Non-Explosion Proof CO2 Direct Connect Sensor provide reliable, economical detection for Class I, Division 2 hazardous areas, Designed specifically to work with RKI controllers such as the Beacon 110, Beacon 200, or Beacon 410, the Direct Connect Sensors can be either mounted directly to the controller box, or mounted to explosion-proof junction boxes for remote gas detection.

Applications: Petrochemical plants, Refineries, Gas plants, Offshore drilling platforms, Water & wastewater treatment plants, Pulp & paper mills, Gas, telephone, & electric utilities, Parking garages, Manufacturing facilities, Steel, Automotive

Key Features:

  • Electrochemical-type plug-in sensors
  • Fast response
  • Compatible with Beacon 110, Beacon 200, and Beacon 410
  • Long life
  • No tools required for replacement
  • Indoor/outdoor
  • Water repellent patented sensor coating (except toxics)
  • Measuring Range: 0-5000 ppm, 0-5.0% Vol., 0-50% Vol., 0-100% Vol.
  • Lower Detectable Limit (LDL): 2% of full scale
  • Response Time: 30 seconds
  • Life Expectancy: 5+ years with normal service
  • Part Numbers:
    61-0198RK-02 - 0-5,000 ppm Sensor Only
    61-0198RK-03 - 0-5% Vol. Sensor Only
    61-0198RK-05 - 0-50% Vol. Sensor Only
    61-0198RK-10 - 0-100% Vol. Sensor Only
    61-1007RK-02 - 0-5,000 ppm Sensor with J-box
    61-1007RK-03 - 0-5% Vol. Sensor with J-box
    61-1007RK-05 - 0-50% Vol. Sensor with J-box
    61-1007RK-10 - 0-100% Vol. Sensor with J-box

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