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RKI M2A MPS type LEL Sensor/Transmitter with J-Box 65-2650RK

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RKI M2A MPS (Molecular Property Spectrometer) type LEL Sensor/Transmitter is an explosion proof transmitter that can operate as a standalone system or as part of a system connected with an analog or digital signal to a controller, PLC, or DCS. The M2A utilizes a magnetic wand technique for performing non-intrusive calibration. The housing does not need to be opened for zeroing or calibration.

RKI Molecular Property Spectrometer LEL Sensor internally identifies the gas or gases being detected, and applies the appropriate LEL conversion factor so that it will read a variety of flammable gases or vapors correctly by just utilizing a methane calibration. Capable of detecting over a dozen different combustible gases simultaneously, including Hydrogen, the Molecular Property Spectrometer is unsurpassed in reliability, accuracy, and worker safety. No other sensor can match the accuracy of the MPS in reporting 0-100% LEL across multiple gases. The MPS’s robust design means it won’t drift, decay, or poison over time. Expected sensor life is over 10 years in normal applications.

Key Features:

  • Direct digital readout
  • Explosion proof housing
  • Operates independently or with any controller, PLC or DCS
  • 4-20 mA transmitter 65-2650RK
  • Digital Modbus output
  • Operates from 10-30 VDC
  • 2 programmable alarm relays, plus fail relay
  • Auto zero drift correction
  • Non intrusive calibration via magnetic wand

Sensor Features:

  • Responds accurately to over 14 gases, with a calibration to methane
  • No conversion factors needed
  • Immune to poisons such as H2S, Silicone, and HCFC’s
  • Requires only annual field response checks
  • Can be used in high humidity conditions
  • Explosion proof approval CULUS
  • Long sensor life
  • Two year warranty on the sensor (1 year on electronics)


  • Applications where silicone is present
  • High humidity applications where IR or catalytic may not hold up
  • Applications where a mixture of hydrocarbons could be present
  • H2 applications where poisoning of the sensor is a concern
  • Part Number:
    65-2650RK- LEL, M2A, MPS type sensor/transmitter with J-Box

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