Gas Detection

Gases like carbon monoxide, chlorine, and nitrogen dioxide are near-impossible to see, smell, or taste, and can be difficult to detect without proper equipment. These gases can also lead to severe illnesses and death, making it crucial that workers take every possible safety precaution. Gas detection and monitoring equipment ensure that your team is alerted if the air they’re working in is hazardous or if conditions change while they’re working. First responders, utility crews, firefighters, and other industries or individuals that come into contact with these hazardous gases can benefit from following
OSHA gas monitoring requirements.

PK Safety is a Factory Authorized Service Center for BW Honeywell gas monitors and have RKI and RAE Systems factory trained certified technicians on our staff that offer calibration services and repairs to keep your devices running properly. For more information on gas monitors and gas detector accessories, PK Safety has a blog archive with plenty of gas detection guides and articles as well as a dedicated team of safety experts ready to answer your questions. You can also search our PK Safety Knowledge Base for answers to some of our most frequently asked customer questions.