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Protecta Web Positioning Lanyard-Adjustable Length 1385301

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Positioning lanyards are not intended to be used for fall protection. They have no shock absorbing capability, and so could cause severe injury in the event of a fall. The best use for this type of lanyard is to provide support during your work operations. On a tower, once reaching the working height, looping this lanyard around a strut and back to your side d-rings may allow you to lean back and work comfortably. Another popular use is as a fall restraint device. Lets say the edge of your work platform is 8 feet from the anchor point; this 6 foot lanyard could keep you from reaching that edge, making a fall unlikely.

Key Features:

  • Includes two AJ520A double-locking snaphooks-3/4 in. opening
  • Adjustable from 3.5 ft. minimum to 6 ft. maximum length
  • Complies with OSHA 1926 standards for positioning devices, Meets OSHA and ANSI requirements

Part Number:


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