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Protecta calls this roofers' fall protection kit Compliance in a Can. It offers a complete fall protection solution for contractors or roofers working on residential roofs. Roof work is notoriously visible, and OSHA fines and site inspections have both increased recently. The saying that buying the right gear to be OSHA compliant saves money if you are ever inspected has never more true than now. If you or your team need to be on the roof, take no chances with safety or citations. The idea is to place the DBI Sala Re-useable Roof Anchor at the peak or ridge.

This anchor is rated for 5,000 lbs. and is fully compliant with OSHA standards. It is made of plated steel and has a forged alloy D-ring for attachment Also included with the Reusable Roof Anchor are the 20 16D nails that will be driven into the roof peak. 50 ft. of strong blend rope is attached to the roof anchor with the included snap hook. Make sure to read the roof anchor instructions before placing the roof anchor, as pendulum swings can occur if the rope and anchor are improperly situated.

A shock-absorbing lanyard with a snap hook is attached to a rope grab that allows the worker to travel some distance away from the roof attachment while being protected from a fall by the rope grab. If the worker falls, or even moves too quickly, the rope grab engages and arrests the fall.

The universal sized full body harness is comfortable and offers 5 points of adjustment for a custom fit with two torso buckles, two leg adjustments and a chest buckle. Compliance in a Can contains the following items: 5-point Full Body Harness 5/8 in. rope grab with attached 2 ft. shock absorbing lanyard 50 ft. 5/8 in. blend rope lifeline with attached snap hook AJ730A reusable roof anchor bracket.

Made in the USA.

Part Numbers:
2199803 - Single kit
2199811 - Pallet of 25 kits (inquire with customer service team)

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