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Protecta PRO Stretch Shock Absorbing Lanyard 1340101

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Stretch lanyards are among our customers favorites. 6 foot fall safety protection lanyards are a staple safety item. Taking a foot and a half of the length and scrunching it up when not needed makes for a much more user-friendly experience. And with the price point on the Protecta PRO line, there is no reason to use a simple 6 foot lanyard.

Key Features:

  • Stretch Tubular lanyard expands to 6 ft. and contracts to 4 1/2 ft. in reaction to your movements
  • Reduces trip fall hazards, dragging and snagging for complete freedom of movement
  • Impact indicator allows user to visually inspect unit for a fall
  • Flexible Stretch Meets Durable Fall Protection

With the Protecta PRO Stretch Internal Shock Absorbing Lanyard, you get double the benefits of fall protection and rescue equipment. And the price is pretty great too, considering the performance of this self retracting lifeline. In a nutshell, this internal stretch shock absorbing lanyard provides the flexibility you need to move about, plus the personal fall arrest system has you covered when height safety is a concern. When it comes to stretch lanyards, the durable polyester tubular stretch web of the Protecta PRO Stretch Internal Shock Absorbing Lanyard extends to 6 feet to give you flexible work movement and contracts as needed when you move to prevent snags, drags, trips, and falls. Plus, the safety harness lanyard quickly constricts to 4.5 feet to limit fall distance and provide the fall protection you're looking for when working at high elevations. This stretch internal shock absorbing lanyard also comes with 3,600 pound gated hooks that comply with ANSI Z359 standards for fall protection equipment. What's more, the self locking snap hooks on both ends make using this industrial fall protection a snap, even when dexterity is limited by heavy work gloves. In fact, these self locking snap hooks are so easy to use, you can do it with one hand! Now that's convenience and a time saver, not to mention a bonus workplace safety feature. The Protecta PRO Stretch Internal Shock Absorbing Lanyard limits fall arrest forces to 900 pounds or less, a feat credited to the expert design of this energy absorbing device. Only internal shock absorbing lanyards disperse the energy of a fall so the worker's body doesn't take the brunt of it. That makes the Protecta PRO Stretch Internal Shock Absorbing Lanyard a self rescue system you can depend on to address your safety at height requirements. There are so many reasons why the Protecta PRO Stretch Internal Shock Absorbing Lanyard makes the best fall prevention system for construction and industrial applications. In terms of wind energy fall protection, the Protecta PRO Stretch Internal Shock Absorbing Lanyard is the fall safety gear of choice for protecting wind energy workers installing electrical control units or constructing towers. Iron workers, welders, bridge construction workers, and steel workers also find that this safety equipment gives them what they need in rescue and evacuation gear. As safety lanyards go, the Protecta PRO Stretch Internal Shock Absorbing Lanyard does the job flawlessly. Plus, its design is comfortable and lightweight, providing workers with a great fit all day long. Make the Protecta PRO Stretch Internal Shock Absorbing Lanyard part of your fall protection program. With its many features, code compliance, top-notch performance, versatility, and reliable durability, this fall protection and rescue system gives you everything you need for height safety on the job.

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