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GfG GMA200 Series Fixed Controller 200MT-

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TGfG GMA200 Series Fixed Controller provides full conformity with ATEX Directive 94/9/EC for use in potentially Explosive Atmospheres. Each GMA 200-MT module can control up to 16 individual gas transmitters (sensors). The compact DIN rail mounted design facilitates cost-effective and space-saving installation in existing or custom control cabinets. GMA 200-MT systems are scalable, and easy to expand by adding additional controller and relay modules. Optional gateway modules allow control via remote or touch-screen computer interface. Currently measured values are displayed on a backlit, graphical LCD. Operation of the GMA 200-MT is through easy-to-use menus, and a simple 5 button interface. Measured values, mean values, alarm events and faults are permanently stored on a microSD memory card. A built-in USB port in the GMA 200-MT is used for connection to the configuration software.

Key Features:

  • Choice of transmitters/channels: 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, or 16
  • Choice of color strobe light: red or amber
  • A variety of transmitters can be connected for measurement of combustible, toxic gases / vapors and oxygen
  • 8 relays, 6 are fully programmable menu driven relays
  • Multiple relay configurations
  • Fixed Controller with a Relay Module creates a powerful combination
  • Flexible, reliable and economic
  • SIL certification
  • Compact system for DIN rail mounting
  • Monitors: Combustible, O2, Toxic gases and vapors

Part Numbers:
200MT-2 - Channel:2 / Strobe Color:Red
200MT-2Y - Channel:2 / Strobe Color:Amber
200MT-4 - Channel:4 / Strobe Color:Red
200MT-4Y - Channel:4 / Strobe Color:Amber
200MT-6 - Channel:6 / Strobe Color:Red
200MT-6Y - Channel:6 / Strobe Color:Amber
200MT-8 - Channel:8 / Strobe Color:Red
200MT-8Y - Channel:8 / Strobe Color:Amber
200MT-12 - Channel:12 / Strobe Color:Red
200MT-12Y - Channel:12 / Strobe Color:Amber
200MT-16 - Channel:16 / Strobe Color:Red
200MT-16Y - Channel:16 / Strobe Color:Amber

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