Gas Detection Docking Stations

Docking stations help automate many routine maintenance tasks for gas detectors. And perhaps more importantly, they document the process.

For gas monitors with rechargeable batteries, a docking station can handle that. For calibration or bump testing they are ideal. These handy devices charge and calibrate your monitors when they are not in use, so your team can come into work the next day without worrying about dead batteries or having to bump test or recalibrate their gas monitor. Set up your docking station in the corner of your workstation to keep your monitors and detectors within reach. 

With a docking station, workers can also automatically upload their records right to your company PC or network, so you don’t have to worry about losing track of important information. If the data logger in the monitor records high levels of carbon monoxide, chlorine, or other hazardous gases, the event will be saved in the system, so you can go back and address the issue if it continues. 

We sell single docking stations and those for multiple gas detectors, including the BW Microdock II Docking Station and those for 4 gas personal monitors. Some of our docking stations are even portable, so you can recharge and recalibrate on the go. Bring the entire kit to your worksite and your team can get to work without delay.

PK Safety sells docking stations from some of the biggest names in the gas detection industry, including BW Honeywell, RKI Instruments, and AimSafety. Simply put, these docking stations help automate key processes, including charging, bump testing, and calibration. Find the right docking station for your team today.