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DBI-SALA Nano-Lok SRL Aluminum Rebar Hooks 3101277

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The Nano-Lok 3101277 SRL is our best selling 100% tie-off option for at-height workers. It features a special twin-leg harness Quick Connector and two large aluminum rebar hooks. The connector attaches to the harness below the dorsal D-ring, keeping the unit organized as well as further down the user's back and away from the hardhat. The aluminum rebar hooks on this model of Nano-Lok SRL have 2-1/4 in. gate opening to make connecting to your structure a snap. The entire twin-leg SRL unit weighs just over five and a half pounds. What makes the Nano-Lok truly special is its affordability and versatility. In the past, SRLs were out of reach for all but the biggest industrial sites. The Nano-Lok series of SRLs cost about the same as traditional shock-absorbing lanyards, while providing superior fall protection. Nano-Loks also come in over 30 different models, so there's sure to be a style to suit your specific fall protection needs. Nano-Loks are ergonomically-designed, with impact resistant housings, and because of the automatic arrestor, they stop falls quickly. Typical shock-absorbing lanyards require a worker to reach a height of 18 feet before he or she is protected, but Nano-Loks stops falls much faster, usually within 24 in. Shorter fall distances reduce impact and increase the user's chance for self-rescue. Click here to learn about Nano-Loks and to see our other models. Nano-Lok SRLs utilize a specially-designed Dynema-based webbing material, which has a great strength-to-weight ratio, and outstanding abrasion, cut, chemical, and UV resistance. The Nano-Lok has a 420-lb. capacity - the highest capacity on the market. While Nano-Loks have many great features, DBI-SALA knows that safety and compliance are everyone's main concerns. Nano-Loks meet or exceed OSHA 1926.502, 1910.66; ANSI Z359-2007 & A10.32 industry standards.

Length: 6 ft.

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