DBI-SALA ExoFit XP Tower Climbing Harness


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The ExoFit XP Tower Climbing Gear from DBI-SALA is used while working on Cell, radio, water and many other types of towers or antennas. Vest style ExoFit XP harness with front and stand-up back D-rings, a belt with back pad & side D-rings, removable harness padding, removable seat sling with positioning d-rings and the usual quick-connect buckles on the chest and leg straps. Seat sling with aluminum stiffener, suspension D-rings and cushioned padding for the ultimate in comfort and performance. Stand-up Back D-ring for connection to fall protection system and front D-ring ideal for use with a ladder safety system. You are strongly urged to use a 100 percent tie-off lanyard when in tower climbing situations.

Part Numbers:
1110300 - Small
1110301 - Medium
1110302 - Large
1110303 - Extra-Large

Additional Details:

11.00 LBS
16.00 (in)
12.00 (in)
20.00 (in)
Calculated at Checkout
Weight Capacity:
420 Pounds
Webbing Material:
Polyester (Standard)
Harness Style:
Tower Climbing
Country of Origin:
United States