DBI-SALA ExoFit Derrick Full Body Harness

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The ExoFit full body harness is designed for easy donning and comfort, as well as for full body fall protection that you can rely on, thanks to DBI-SALA's incredibly high standards. Here the unit comes with improvements for a derrickman or petrochemical facilities worker.

Primary Use: This full body harness offers fall protection and a range of connectors for fall arrest systems such as lanyards, lifelines and work positioning equipment. Alongside these normal functions the adaptations such as the 18 in. extended dorsal D-ring and attachment points for the monkey board positioning belt make the harness ideal for oil and gas operations.

Who Uses This: Oil rig and gas workers on the monkey and tubing boards, who spend their days guiding drills and other derrickhand operations can use this harness for comfortable security as well as attaching the derrickhand Belt (also from DBI-SALA) for work secure work positioning.

Key Features:

  • Special X design makes donning easy
  • Dri-lex webbing prevents sweating
  • Soft edging to reduce chafe
  • Easy grip adjustment tabs
  • Double-box stitching
  • Cushioned straps
  • Quick-lock buckles
  • Extended rear D-ring Incredibly comfortable

Why We Recommend It:

For anyone working long hours at heights, comfortable fall protection is a must. This version of the ExoFit is jammed full of innovations to this end, as well as being comprehensively built for the tasks faced on an oil rig or gas platform, with built-in attachments for DBI-SALA's derrick hand belt, you can easily secure yourself for most any job.

Part Numbers:
1100300 - Small
1100301 - Medium
1100302 - Large
1100303 - Extra-Large

Additional Details:

8.40 LBS
15.00 (in)
14.00 (in)
23.00 (in)
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Webbing Material:
Polyester (Standard)
Weight Capacity:
420 Pounds
Leg Straps:
Tongue Buckle
Belt Option:
Derrick Belt
Country of Origin:
United States