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DBI-SALA 50 ft. Rope Grab System for Roofers and Climbers 5000400

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This complete, portable Rope Grab system from DBI-SALA makes buying a rope grab system easy. This system contains everything you need for vertical safety.

Primary Use: Used for primary fall protection when climbing or working on steep inclined surfaces such as roofs, the rope grab system from DBI-SALA is designed to smoothly follow the worker as they move, and engage only if rapid movement is detected. Meeting all related safety standards including OSHA standards and the rigorous ANSI Z 359, the Rope Grab System is a great choice for simplicity and compliance. Often employed by roofers, tower maintenance workers, cellular and wind energy technicians, oil and petrochemical site maintenance workers, window washers and others, the Rope Grab System is a great all-in-one choice for climbing fall protection.

Key Features:

  • Mobile rope grab device
  • Panic-proof dual-action cam-locking break
  • Stainless steel, corrosion-resistant hardware
  • 50 ft. lifeline - polyester/polypropylene blended rope
  • Flexible counterweight to keep lifeline steady

Why we recommend it: DBI-SALA makes all of the parts in this kit so they are all designed to work together. Stainless steel hardware and modern lanyard technology mean durability and up-to-date fall protection. We?'ve found the rope grab to move easily over the lifeline and not bind or grab unless engaged by a fall or jerking action on the lanyard. The lanyard is also short enough to not get in the way while you are working.

How to use it: Deploy the lifeline from a suitable anchor point and attach the rope grab by removing the detent pin and opening the rope grab sleeve. Don?'t worry - the rope grab has a gravity latch that won?'t allow you to affix it upside down. Once the rope grab is attached to the lifeline, clip the EZ Stop II Shock Absorbing Lanyard to the rope grab and attach the other end to the back dorsal D-ring of your full-body harness (sold separately) and you are ready to get to work. The Rope Grab Kit allows you to move freely to complete your work when it is attached. Once the rope grab system is attached, you will be fall protected over the entire vertical length of the lifeline.

Rope Grab System includes:

  • 5/8 in. diameter Rope Grab device w/ inertia and cam-locking cleats (5000335)
  • Lifeline - 50 ft. of polyester/polypropylene (1202794)
  • Lanyard - EZ Stop II 3 ft. shock-absorbing lanyard 91240007)
  • Tie-Off adapter - 3 ft. polyester tie-off webbing loop anchor point adapter (1003000)
  • Flexible counterweight for lifeline end 95901583)
  • System storage and transportation bag (9511597)

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5000400 - Complete Rope Grab Kit


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