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DBI-SALA 100 ft. Rope Grab System for Roofing and Climbing 5000401

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For structure climbing and safety on inclined surfaces such as roofs, this complete 100 ft. mobile Rope Grab System from DBI-SALA creates a quick and secure fall arrest arrangement for workers at height. Stay up to code and attached at all times while working hands-free with this smoothly operating rope grab system.

Primary Use: For work at height that requires flexibility of movement, the Rope Grab System from DBI-SALA provides a rope grab and lanyard set-up that follows behind easily as you move along the length of the lifeline, and engages only when a fall rapid movement is detected. Meeting or exceeding all OSHA and ANSI standards, including the tough ANSI 359, this 100 ft. Rope Grab System provides compliance and fall safety security. Appropriate for tower climbing, roofing, construction, site maintenance, and other work sites where moveable vertical fall protection is needed, the 100 ft. Rope Grab System is a perfect all-in-one system.

Key Features:

  • Easy to deploy, all-in-one system
  • Inertia and cam-locking cleats
  • Mobile rope grab provides energy-absorption
  • 3 ft. shock-absorbing lanyard
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel and thermoplastic hardware
  • 100 ft. lifeline has dual-lock snap hook for easy deployment

Why We Recommend It: OSHA requires fall protection when working at height. But it doesn't require that gear to be in the way of your work. This Rope Grab System keeps you compliant; any fall forces will be less than 900 lbs., the rope grab can't be accidentally opened if you grab it while you fall, and all the rest, but more importantly, because falls are the exception and not the rule, this set-up allows you to work without having the fall safety system in your way. It's hands-free and follows without binding while you move along the vertical length of the lifeline. With this system, you are protected along the entire 100 ft. length. And because of the stainless steel and thermoplastic hardware, it?Ûªs ready for all weather.

How To Use It: Once an appropriate anchor point is secured with the included tie-off adapter, you can hook the rope grab and lanyard to the lifeline. With the other end of the lanyard securely attached to the dorsal D-ring of your full-body harness (not included), you are ready to work. Don't worry about attaching the rope grab upside down; it has a gravity latch that won't allow you to install it the wrong way.

100 ft. Rope Grab System Includes:

  • Rope grab with inertia and cam-locking cleats (5000335)
  • 100 ft. of polyester/polypropylene lifeline with snap hook (1202844)
  • 3 ft. EZ Stop II shock-absorbing lanyard (1240007)
  • 3 ft anchorage tie-off, polyester webbing (1003000)
  • Flexible counterweight (5901583)
  • System carry bag (9503806)

Part Numbers:
5000401 - Complete 100 ft. Rope Grab Kit


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