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What Is the Proper Way to Size a Respirator?
Dec 10th 2019

What Is the Proper Way to Size a Respirator?

Respirators are designed to protect you from all sorts of potential airborne hazards, including lead and silica dust, mold, asbestos, and toxic gases. But a respirator mask won’t protect you from these hazards if it doesn’t fit your face properly. If there is any distance between the mask and the sides of your face, these toxins and hazards could easily slip inside the face mask. Exposure to … read more
May 29th 2012

How to Choose the Right Size Respirator

One of the most frequent questions about the respirators we carry at is what size to buy. All our respirators come in small, medium or large, and most first-time buyers have no idea which is best for them. A proper fit is just about the most important consideration for a respirator, especially when pesticides, lead, or other harmful substances are in the air. Unfort … read more