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How Long Do My Respirator Filters Last?
Jun 29th 2021

How Long Do My Respirator Filters Last?

Being able to breathe without inhaling dangerous particulates and vapors is crucial to respiratory safety. Many workers using respirators for jobs involving construction, often wonder how long their respirator filters last before they should be replaced. The actual answer is “it depends,” but that’s because much of it is relative to the environment in which they are being us … read more
Jun 10th 2011

Respirator Protection from Lead and Paint Fumes

The variety of jobs and tasks our customers set out to do continually amazes me. Here is a query from a recent customer about his task: In an upcoming job I will be melting lead and spraying acrylic and lacquer based paints. What mask and filters do you recommend to protect me from the fumes associated with these tasks? How does sizing on the masks work? For the lead fumes I … read more